I always loved to travel, but in the first 30 years of my life my travels were confined to the borders of Soviet Union. As most other Soviet citizens, I was not trusted by the authorities to venture outside because I might not want to come back. They were right though, that is exactly what happened in 1992 when foreign travel became possible, I went to San Diego for a 1-year stint at the University of California and never came back. Actually, I did come back a few times much later, but only to visit. Anyway, from 1992 to this day I am compensating for the earlier years of involuntary abstinence by traveling throughout the world far more than an average person does. I am very grateful to my day job: being a physicist provided me with plenty of opportunities for travel to attend conferences, give lectures, and collaborate with colleagues all over the world.  And of course I try to use these opportunities to  do photography. The collection of portfolios presented below in alphabetical order by country, is being constantly updated, as I am still in the process of transferring stuff from my old website here. And I continue to travel, so new stuff gets added as well. So enjoy, and check back for more!
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